HID FARGO Card Printers

HID FARGO Series Overview

DTC1250e Series

Available in both single-sided and dual-sided versions, the FARGO DTC1250e thermal sublimation printer enables reliable and cost-effective printing of plastic cards and ID cards. Optionally, Ethernet and several encoding modules are available.

DTC1500 Series

The Fargo DTC1500 is a thermal sublimation printer with key (DSGVO) security features. Dual-sided card printing can be flexibly activated later, the printer is suitable for medium to high print volumes.

DTC4250e Series

The DTC4250 series is suitable for printing and encoding medium to high plastic cards and chip card volumes. Thanks to the modular design, modules can be flexibly retrofitted as soon as the requirements for the device change.

DTC4500e Series

The HID Fargo DTC4500e is a rugged, reliable and versatile thermal sublimation card printer. The series is suitable for security-specific applications with clear printing results and can be flexibly supplemented. Optionally, a laminator is also available.

DTC5500LMX Series

The FARGO DTC5500LMX is a powerful, efficient direct-to-card printer for high-volume card programs. Dual-sided printing and laminating are standard - so you do not require any additional modules. The DTC5500LMX offers waste-free laminating technology.

HDP5000 Series

The HID FARGO HDP5000 is a professional retransfer card printer that allows cards to be printed, encoded and optionally laminated with high quality and over-the-edge printing.

HDP5600 Series

The successor to the HDP5000 is a fast, rugged printer with 300 or 600 dpi print resolution, capable of producing microtext and highly detailed images. The HDP5600's modular design allows you to upgrade to additional features such as encoding or lamination as needed.

HDP6600 Series

The FARGO HDP6600 is the newest and most powerful retransfer printer on the market. The series offers standard 600 dpi resolution, as well as a previously unsurpassed printing speed. Thanks to iON™ technology, a direct print start is possible.