Overlaminates for Card Printers

What is a Laminate?

Overlaminates or "Laminates" are transparent films in different thicknesses and designs to protect plastic cards against physical stress.

Laminates are available for both direct card printers (dye sublimation printers) and retransfer printers. This requires a laminator that is either already installed in the card printer or can be ordered as an option for many models.

Depending on the variant, a laminate either protects the card completely over-the-edge or is applied as a patch laminate.

Almost all manufacturers offer not only clear laminates but also laminates with additional holograms. These holograms increase the counterfeit security and value of the card.

Even individual holograms are feasible, but must be produced on request.

What is a Patch Laminate?

A patch laminate covers most of the card with a protective layer, but leaves a narrow, unlaminated edge to the edge of the card.

Advantages of a Laminate

  • Increases the durability of plastic cards or ID cards
  • Protection against wear and fading
  • Protection against manipulation and counterfeiting
  • Increases"value" of the card