Entrust Datacard Card Printers

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Who is Entrust?

Entrust (Datacard) is an US manufacturer of card printing solutions and has been active in the market for more than 50 years. Entrust operates in over 150 countries worldwide and specializes in high-security applications.

Entrust products offer high reliability, efficiency and a wide range of security options.

Entrust Series Overview

Sigma DS1 Series

The Sigma DS1 from Entrust Datacard is an entry-level thermal sublimation printer for easy single-sided printing on plastic cards. The ID card printer offers colored, monochrome, rewritable and UV printing. A magnetic stripe encoder, contact/contactless encoder, as well as WiFi can be optionally retrofitted.

The printer is suitable for low volumes.

Sigma DS2 Series

Compared to the Sigma DS1 series, the Sigma DS2 also has an Ethernet interface, higher print speed, and a dual-sided model. An encoding of contact, contactless smart cards and magnetic stripe cards is optionally possible.

The card printer is also an entry-level model for small to medium-sized cards.